Eating The Right Way For Exercise

People exercise in order to build muscle, stay fit or to lose weight. Exercise can be physically taxing. It requires the proper nutrition in order to get the most out of your regular exercise regimen. Here are some tips to help you eat right for exercise. Eat to fuel performance and recovery. In order to […]

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Surprising Causes Of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a lingering problem for many people. It can be caused by a variety of factors. Some are common enough that people can easily identify them and avoid them. But there are other surprising causes of bad breath that not all people are aware of. Here are some of them. Bacteria The […]

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Dangerous Food And Drug Combinations You Should Know About

When it comes to taking medication, people are usually concerned about the possible side effects. Aside from that, they also try to make sure they know about what other drugs they need to avoid to prevent possible adverse reactions and complications. But some people may not be aware that there are certain types of food […]

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Eating Tips For A Faster Metabolism

A good metabolism can help people keep excess weight out along with the right diet and regular exercise. Achieving a faster body metabolism ensures that enough calories are burned instead of being stored in the body as fat. Here are some changes you can make in your diet for a faster metabolism. Avoid skipping breakfast […]

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Hormone Linked To Obesity Discovered

Researchers have identified a hormone that is associated with obesity. Researchers from the McMaster University in Ontario, Canada have discovered a type of the hormone serotonin may be linked to reducing brown fat activity in the body. Brown fat, as researchers have discovered, is a beneficial form of fat that works as the body’s furnace […]

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